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Year of foundation:  2007

Our purpose is to unite the interests of society, medical and
pharmaceutical community around the most acute questions of health
care, quality of medical services, modern tendencies in the
development of medicine and pharmaceutics to solve social
problems connected with the safety of medicine and nation health

Forms of activity:

  • One time and / or systematic financial, material or other support
  • Financing specific target programs
  • Providing direct support by our own work, services
    or presenting results of ourcreative activity

The Public Union Ukrainian Association of Interdisciplinary
Medicine (PU UAIM) was established at the general meeting of
the organization members on October 8, 2013 and registered by
Shevchenkivsky District in Kyiv City Department of State Registration of
Civil Status Acts of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in
Kyiv City (certificate № 1408200). The Association is a voluntary public
union based on individual membership, created on the basis of
unity of professional interests for the joint implementation of the goals and
objectives set by the Statute of PU UAIM.


The main goal of PU UAIM is:
— scientific and practical professional assistance for the
development of interdisciplinary medicine;
— improvement of the level of medical services;
— modern and highly
professional development of the health care system of Ukraine.
The Association is promoted by:
— consolidation and cooperation between scholars, medical staff and
employees of the pharmaceutical industry;
— exchange of experience with foreign specialists;
— adoption of international diagnostic protocols;
— treatment of the various diseases in Ukraine.

The Association carries out informational and educational work in
the following areas: therapy, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology,
rheumatology, neurology, psychiatry, respiratory infections, infectious
diseases, gynecology, urology, gastroenterology, eye diseases and others.
Today the Association unites more than 5,000 doctors of various
specialties, researchers and leading Ukrainian specialists.

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